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EU PassportMyth I: It is a common misperception to believe that there is an "EU Passport" which cover all EU member countries. An "EU Passport" is only a term used to describe a passport from any EU country and does not exists in reality. Any citizen from any EU member country have same rights to travel visa free within EU / Schengen and to work in any EU country of their choice.

Myth II: Being and "EU citizen" and "EU resident" is the same. This is not the case. An EU citizen is an individual who has a passport from one of the EU countries. An EU resident can be an individual who has obtained the right to work and live in one of the EU countries, but who still holds the citizenship of his or her home country. 

In order for an individual to take advantage of all the benefits of EU, he or she would want to become a citizen of any EU country by obtaining a second passport. The process of obtaining citizenship with an EU country is a formal process. Individuals most frequently obtain a second citizenship, also called "Dual Nationality", based upon family relationships, marriage, or investment. However, obtaining legal residency through work or studying can also make the citizenship process easier at a later stage. The advantage is that you are residing in the country you want to live in.

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