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Malta Official Name: Republic of Malta
Capital: Valetta
GDP per capita: $17,900
Native Language: Maltese
Other Languages: Arabic, English, Italian

Government: Constitutional Monarchy


Major Religion: Roman Catholicism

Monetary Unit: Maltese Lira (MTL)

Annual Growth: 0.9%

Health & Welfare:
The Maltese health care system provides comprehensive coverage for all citizens. Free pharmaceuticals are offered to low income workers.

Economy & Jobs:
Agriculture and tourism.

Main Attractions:
Valetta, Gozo island, Mdina city (3000 years old), and Ħaġar Qim temple.

Maltese citizenship can be acquired in a number of ways. The most common are by descent, birth, marriage, extension of award, and business. Tourist, student, and work visas are also available.

Select the option that best suits your needs and start the application process immediately.

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